Firm Overview

The original law firm was established in 1981 in Montreal and presently consists of two senior partners Dr. Roland-Yves Gagné and Dr. Aleksander Tobolewski.

From the very beginning of its existence the idea of the firm was to be "boutique" kind to provide individual, personalized services unlike depersonalized huge offices. There is no situation that a client is treated differently only because the problem faced would be considered by a giant firm as small and indifferent and thus, relegated to a junior partner, para-legal or articling student for handling. In all contacts either senior partner takes case under its wings and provides advice and supervises all procedures, negotiations, and trials. In cases where one of the partners handles a case outside Canada the other takes over and provides the same highest quality service to all the clients.

Providing highly specialized services on a personal level, allows us to know all the aspect of the case in front of us. Gagné Tobolewski limits its practice to the fields mentioned below but in the areas of their expertise the partners provide top notch service


Roland-Yves Gagné


Aleksander Tobolewski